Passers By

As spirits, we come to earth and depart on different schedules or varying timetables. This makes some sad, while some are gleeful and know that eternity has only granted each of us measured moments as humans together. Understanding our immortality, we should celebrate...

Eventual Wisdom

In the world view, the skeptic regularly and prematurely precludes fully trusting humanity, while the faithfully wise and positive accepts all cynics as those taking fearfully hesitant steps in the progression of our spirit’s immortal trust in goodness.


Too often humankind chooses to divide itself over life’s simplest issues, when all of life is interconnected one undivided. It goes against the natural progression of universal life.

Compassion & Kindness

Compassion and kindness are the treasure chest of goodwill. Its riches are an endless source of universal love. For in being left open and its contents freely given, its hunters and finders return to exchange, redeposit and redistribute more.

Two Places in One World

From nowhere, childish feelings of innocence gathered about me to project to me their angelic outlooks. Their ideas intoxicated my mind, conveying an idyllic imagery, as if they were charms added to the bracelets of human hope, solidifying my confidence they would...

Two Places One World

It’s easier to describe the rich sensations of a woodland paradise to a blind person, than it is to explain to one who sees, but has already formed an inflexible opinion. Excerpt from "Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student" Pg 27

The Night Crier

The troubles in life may seem unconquerable and daunting to the spiritually fainthearted and meek. But, the awakened self can wield all of heaven’s power. By distrusting our immortal spirits, we subscribe to straddling the fence between the minefields of superstition...

Self-Inspection – Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Looking long enough with honesty deeply inside our souls, we can open ourselves like a treasure chest, to our heart’s eyeglass of inner vision. Here is unlocked the soul’s mystical mysteries which many wrongly consider unanswerable. Doing so enables us to see our...

A Mute’s Inner Vision In silent reflection, we do awaken ourselves. And when awakened our higher consciousness becomes a broadened universe, where infinity reveals itself our truer reality. When material life reveals itself surreal, we realize we are temporarily...

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