Empathy’s Birthplace

Sorrows can deepen our appreciation of life's Joys, in both ourselves and the sadness of others. This is why personal sorrows are often the birthplace of compassion and empathy for others outside our families.

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The Promise to Ourselves

What we all need to awaken to as a world people is that our need for love, harmony, and other people comes from a deep, unconscious remembrance of our origins as spirits united in God. Not just for the company of others like us, but to include others unlike us, where...

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The Unseen Dreamland of Earth

What we often credit as real, is temporary in the eternity of existence. Papers, offices, monuments, gravestones, buildings and digital computations are all but the thready shadows cast by the phantoms of our migratory souls through the fragile & illusory halls of...

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God’s Spirit Made Flesh

Then Divine Mother said to its child, “If you hearken to the needs of the fallen & the suffering of widows & widowers, the orphaned children & creatures, will you assuage heartache, anguish, lovelessness & hunger. Will your heart stoke the embers of...

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