The following is a complete tale excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student.” I’ve decided rather than give bits & pieces to stories that were given me as God’s vessel, it serves a greater good to have readers like you receive the benefit of these inspired stories in full.

In both slumber and prayer our minds tend to be impatient awaiting God’s movements for the world’s audience to witness. This seems the case from earth’s tiny vantage point, when our emotions wander the ceaseless Cosmos overwhelmed by tragedy. Movements in Nature may seem as though witnessing a snail move slowly, while its truths are mystically hidden codes & signs of its God. But, they are as specters of baffling dreams whose shadowy wraiths occupy the forests as wispy mists that disappear from our thoughts when the sun dispels its vapors.

One revolution of planet Earth takes twenty four hours. Its circumference is 24,901 miles. Standing at the equator at a fixed point for one hour, moves us 1,037.54 miles,  or at speed of 1,037.54 miles per hour. Yet, we never sense the transition well enough to realize the tremendous movement, yet its unnoticed magnificence is quite a marvel worth considering.

If our hair isn’t mussed, or our eyes aren’t teared & swollen due to the wind’s forces, like a motorcyclist without goggles, at that speed, how could we miss that we are traveling at over a thousand miles an hour at the equator? How can this kind of phenomenal speed go unnoticed? Yet, each of us is as relative to the universe as the Sun is pertinent to earth existence. Everything is deeply interconnected, though our minds & bodies won’t always sense it to be so. However, our souls already know this. For our being’s potency is born of God Spirit, which is eternal omniscience and therefore, the truth is already a given. We only have to explore our inner world within to confirm it as fact.

Yet, these bizarre circumstances or unknowns, don’t singly reside in our dreams, but are alive in our imaginations. The ghosts we dream, can be very tamed as magical apparitions, simply by commanding them in our unbridled wanderings. Our nightmares & therefore their circumstance, can be readily transformed when unafraid. But, often when awakened, unless written down, accounts of our sleepy explorations are hardly remembered, though their mood may appear in our waking demeanors.  We are creatures born of superlative, divine mind consciousness, that we’re not often very deeply aware of. Yet, our waking thoughts & intentions deeply affect our worlds. Therefore, the intent behind our acts dramatically affects our world’s dynamics.

God’s Spirit endows our life with a secreted, often overlooked power, which only our heartfelt dreams can fathom & our devotions to their existence can wield. For dormant in our souls, is the will of the entire cosmos hidden within. And, like a writhing ocean, whose mighty undercurrents will swell beneath its watery face & arise suddenly from a quiet unnoticed distance, as a sudden, unstoppable tsunami, we must be sensitive to its existence. This ravaging power is like that of God’s, in that when released from its unseen depths, its vastness will either hydrate the parched deserts of our collective overly dry spiritual thirst or drown us by our own unpreparedness & oblivion.

I’ve heard the frustrated cynic say, “Seeking to know something as unprovable as God, is a fool’s errand.” Usually, however, its unsatisfying failure is due to one of two things. One, a lost interest due to impatience, or Two, an unsuccessful quest, by placing physical standards of measurements to a metaphysical phenomenon.

The first test is objective, while the second requires subjective understanding. Are they compatible? Objects can be proven physically, while the nature of spiritual things are proven by one’s inner & untouchable spiritual soul. Although thoughts are intangible and metaphysical things, we accept them as true when their ideas are converted into words logically strung together, justifying their existence in the physical. Reversing this process is not true, however. For a surgeon can not repair a metaphysically broken heart, though its physical trauma in a heart attack, can be deadly and real in a subject’s bosom. Yet, no one can argue their physical pain as unreal, though not felt by the physician or others. We take the subject’s words on faith and trust, not God’s.

This is just another example of higher untouchable laws governing & controlling humanity’s lower ones, though unseen. Everything is part & parcel to the whole, where the physical & metaphysical intertwine like the sea intermingles with the skies at their horizon. If a kiss’s contact releases pleasure endorphins in a child’s body, confirming that it is loved by another, it proves their invisible feelings were touched anyway.

I, therefore, concede this irrefutable truth, “If a scientist & sage both believe in love, their mutual agreement proves an acceptance of something intangible & not supported by physical experimentation as its proof.” If the word good is the root derivative of the word God, then certainly our souls are derived from an higher infinite goodness our souls must seek to emulate. That God’s goodness lives inside, whether we impart it or deny it to others. Karmic law and time will prevail us sharing our treasures. If unshared, we deny ourselves the result of our inner glory, which is our godliness defining us as God essence.

Monday, 3 Apr 2017

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