The profound question I find myself asking is this, “With all the history’s violence, hatred, murders, abuses and wars between races, nations & diverse peoples of color, creed and varying beliefs; why hasn’t any leader from any faith, realized & announced the fact that since the beginning of time, God has clearly managed to inspire all faiths almost identical tenets of value across the planet? His or Her message to all brothers and sisters is the same. All sincere Imams, Rabbis, Priests, Sages & Ministers of every faith should be standing on their soap boxes making this claim to unite us one in God, Allah, Elohim, Adonai, Ahura Mazda, Brahma & Shaddai, Yahweh etc.

  Zoroastrianism says to perform “Good thoughts, good words and good deeds.” Most of us know the Ten Commandments, which may be more articulate and specific in guiding behavior, as is the Islamic Code of Conduct. Kindness, charity, forgiveness, honesty, patience, justice, respect parents & elders, keep promises & control one’s anger is Muslim. Buddhism says, “Abstinence from (1) harming all beings, (2) stealing things not freely given, (3) sexual misconduct, (4) false speech and (5) intoxicating drinks & drugs causing heedlessness.

  These beliefs all reflect similar, if not identical notions of ethics. God’s Word has been inspired to all its various religious movements and delivered the same truths to its founder/teachers. This shows He/She doesn’t prefer one religion over another. For all of humankind are His/Her immortal children. If their behavior is compassionate, we properly represent our mother/father in good faith, which makes us spiritual, whether we follow one faith or none. The goodness of our actions demonstrates our faith in greater concepts & principles, of which God’s spirit is. Only our individual heart’s empathic desires can work for greater unification for a greater world. Our deeds are only what matters. Not how we each genuflect in prayer, dress or follow one faith or another.

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