Divine Mother said, “My child, your requirement of thought, will be free in will. If attuned to my greater consciousness, your desires will remain free to choose. This Desire enables you to navigate the material existence of manifest creation by the labors of your own imagination. But beware, you are responsible for all you create. Your desire can soar to the firmament’s zenith where ideas are winged substances you can capture to fashion them into being.
“Remember, your ideas are always a blend of your conjuring, mixed with paradise’s ever-living inspiration. No thoughts are ever completely a single soul’s, whether properly credited or not. For the worlds of thought are compiled from the universe’s ethers by which all consciousness draws upon and pervades. When one focuses on what they perceive, will it become knowledge they choose to accept into their considerations. Thoughts are things. This world into which I free you, is a virgin tableau upon which to scribe your imaginings. Many may differ and know things beyond other’s perceptions. Therefore, judge not what you don’t understand. Keeping your thoughts & ideas pure, will make for your heart a relished existence, while intolerance will fill your tomorrows with great hurdles to overcome.” Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student,” Page 207, paragraph 6-7

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