The child muttered, “I am conceived in your image and forever indebted to you, my divine Mother. Those that see my splendor, will know my magnificent design is by your hand. Its conception shall not be coveted as its inner light should be. Shall I thereby know utopia resides inside me.
“As I navigate the material world, will I fashion things as do you.” Mother replied, “I AM that I AM, from which all life is conceived. You shall have insight forever & find beauty even in the obstacles crossing your path, if you align every experience with attaining omniscience. The chasms of the heart houses your spirit, which bears truth to your soul. It possesses heaven’s potency. Awakened to truth, you shall see & know all is gained by gifting Love.” Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student, page 208, paragraphs 2 & 3

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