Then Divine Mother said to its child, “If you hearken to the needs of the fallen & the suffering of widows & widowers, the orphaned children & creatures, will you assuage heartache, anguish, lovelessness & hunger. Will your heart stoke the embers of heaven’s fires upon earth. Shall your heart commiserate the five senses into divine empathy. You’ll envision endless horizons via heaven’s magnifying glass, uncovered from the soul. You’ll know the sweet taste of kindness & compassion intensified by its absence. Hear the calling depth of a newborn’s cries, or a wounded soldier’s fading breath whispering ‘Eternity ever displays paradise.’ One by its arrivals, the other by its departures. Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student, Page 208, paragraph 4.

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