Silence reasoned, “We suffer life’s challenges and hurdles by which to grow. Its forbearance brings enlightenment. Its one of the ancient laws of reincarnation that have historically underpinned nearly every faith and religion at some time. (Whether realized or not).  Karmic law is life’s taskmaster. A false interpretation of ‘an eye for an eye,’ is that God is vengeant. God’s love is an unwavering reward & is unconditional, but its superlative laws override humanity’s & are unequivocally reciprocal.

If a single life were true, where do the current lives of humanity demonstrate the purity and wisdom of divine perfection from which we were born? If we are the children of a perfect deity and lead imperfect lives, how do we square our deservedness with that perfection? Perhaps, multiple lives would help refine our souls towards attaining perfect loving consciousness.”

 Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student,” ‘Conversations with Silence,’ Page 170

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