In “Diary of a Seeker,” all my spiritual tales began as daily notes left to my wife before work from 2011-2017. What began as daily salutations of personal love, gradually evolved into a collective compilation of much broader unconditional feelings of all-inclusive universal brotherhood. Stories were developed profoundly and automatically by early morning visions & the resounding sounds of ethereal companions, dictating to me promising fables & legends. The speed at which I envisioned storylines, I barely could keep pace with. I heard, saw & felt compelling expressions that guided my penmanship. Words painted pictures. Inner movies guided my narratives. That which has plagued our most noteworthy seekers, thinkers, philosophers & creative souls was clarified by the numerous thoughts, actions, voices, and imagery of our Source’s discarnate brotherly spirits, angels, and guides. The countless souls who’ve passed before us, & have unanimously reattained their forgotten immortality forever contribute guidance in our many lives’ quests to seek & find the inner sanctuary of our God within. Wasn’t it the Nazarene, Paramahansa Yogananda & other sages who have mutually claimed our highest selves & the kingdom of God dwells within?

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