I was conversing with a man, when I heard the whistling sound of an incoming bomb. It exploded nearby. Suddenly the man ducked behind a small wall crying, “This morning was beautiful, yet now is war!” I asked the beleaguered young father. “You were saying you believe strongly in a God.” “Absolutely!” he yelled back. “You claim He or She is pure unconditional love and we are all God’s children. Then, why did you say acceptance of your daughter’s future husband is conditional?” “Why do you ask?” The father frowned, then shouted, “It’s whether a man makes enough money and is from a high enough station to be worthy of my daughter’s hand.” I rallied, “So, unlike God, you demand monetary levels of worthiness, before you shall accept your daughter’s suitor even if he is kind & loves her dearly?” “The father appeared puzzled… After I considered his response, I asked, “Do you believe heaven has wars?” Then the weary man shouted, “What does that have to do with this attack?” I didn’t react. “No! Of course not!” he rebutted. “So, you know in your heart of hearts why heaven is peaceful, yet you won’t extend the same level of pure love to a poor suitor & can’t see why humans continue warring?” He and I huddled for what seemed an eternity, when he finally blurted, “I see your point.” “It’s not my point. It is God’s viewpoint we need to embrace.” OUR MUTUAL BLINDNESS Thursday April 6th, 2023.

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