Looking long enough with honesty deeply inside our souls, we can open ourselves like a treasure chest, to our heart’s eyeglass of inner vision. Here is unlocked the soul’s mystical mysteries which many wrongly consider unanswerable. Doing so enables us to see our higher self’s light and its enormous potential that can brighten the earthly world’s darkness. The darkness is the illusion of dark embers burning beneath humanity’s caldron, agitating the world’s brew. The agitation blends its innumerable ingredients called life experiences into a fusion of flavors making its by-product wisdom. Our greatest sorrows and sufferings, strengthen our ability to overcome life’s greater conflicts that for many aggravate our soul’s greatest depths. These changes ultimately amend and ameliorate karma’s unsavory seasonings, until with enough lives we choose to become the very fire that heats our caldron’s to final perfection.

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