It is in the absence of love, that humanity realizes what’s missing from conflicts & disagreements & it becomes the rally cry for all to reveal from inside themselves, its infinite healing forces. While the repetition of living is an on-going opportunity that opens our uncertain hearts to life’s continuing scenarios, it forces us to reevaluate all doubts in love’s remedies, by restoring her hidden wonders and compelling us from within to live her life.

The light of our inner essence draws our hearts like moths to a flame, purifying us by fire. It is an inner nature that makes us tender our love gently like relations with a new born in life’s enormous romance.

It’s our inner sense that tells us when love’s seeds are planted carefully & nurtured wisely, that its rewards are an endless harvest. The learned and wise become the ageless trees heavy with fruit. And, when rooted in humanity, in their boughs we nestle our winged spirits. The tree’s limbs reach far into heaven’s ethers, inebriating its occupants to espouse love’s heights.

For love isn’t a find, but a realization of the universe’s greatest indomitable force in life. It is our soul’s inner fire struggling to offer its precious alms of light from the altars of its temples of flesh. As Khalil Gibran so eloquently stated, “Love is sufficient unto love.” (From “The Prophet”)

Except from “Diary Of A Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes Of A Life Student,” Vol. 2, Page 106, ‘Vessels In God’s Heart, Paragraphs 3-6

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