“The future’s playing field will be leveled by devoting ourselves to the hopes instilled by our dreams. It’s how love will prevail in our world. By our inner sense of morality, Love and the Christ potential within are a sacred sanctuary worth delving and protecting from the cynics, disbelievers, and life’s marauders. Until its full bloom by its earnest nurture, does the conscience don us armor and become a warrior’s saber, strengthening our righteous thoughts. Then can we adroitly deflect any attack against love’s inarguable logic. The patience of love sees through any impertinence & violence, by its every lasting endurance. Just as Gibran said in “The Prophet,” Love is sufficient onto love.” For divine love is pure spirit giving of itself, in order to realize its fulfilling need to love and nothing more. It basks in the warmth of its own intensity. For God’s affections are aspects of His Spirit, just as the sun’s beams are its aspects impelling growth. As his offspring, so are we endowed with the spirit to grow by knowing. ´Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker,” Volume 2, The Procession of the Sun & Its Seekers, pg 32

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