What we all need to awaken to as a world people is that our need for love, harmony, and other people comes from a deep, unconscious remembrance of our origins as spirits united in God. Not just for the company of others like us, but to include others unlike us, where we can share and extend to others what God gives unconditionally regardless of our mistakes. Feeling apartness from God and each other here on earth is an illusion. Unconditional love was our promise before coming here & a sacred contract we promised our souls & others. That we would proclaim and live that belief & knowledge. It is so because it already exists as God’s universe in which we live, and from where we come. Our immortal spirits await our follow-through and our return to our divine essence. Oh, how regretful would we be, after this life, if we hadn’t lived its principles & fulfilled that promise to ourselves before passing on. Hence, will we make ourselves do this again?

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