What we often credit as real, is temporary in the eternity of existence. Papers, offices, monuments, gravestones, buildings and digital computations are all but the thready shadows cast by the phantoms of our migratory souls through the fragile & illusory halls of mortality’s material dreamworld.
It only takes a breath of change from the evolved and awakened soul to topple the make-shift wooden houses and steel-enforced concrete buildings, that our spirits constructed for reasons of sheltering ourselves in the last efforts of settling into our temporary physical lives.
Men glorify their material achievements with granite monuments and plaster edifices to themselves. Yet, their truest achievements are their unseeable and indivisible compassionate ideas & acts, which can’t be captured by hands or carved into statues, unless created as symbolic representations of those ideals and acts. For when given the passage of time of insufferable wars, even carvings, and edifices erode or go unnoticed & are never read. Excerpt from “Diary of a Seeker, Tales & Anecdotes of a Life Student,” Paragraphs 3-5, Page 225.

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