To this day, whenever daylight hides behind a raining dreary sky, I am still that timid child, oblivious to the unknown, under Earth Mother’s somber overcast… I’d imagine rising above the grayness & sneaking into Her aerial work shops with high anticipation & wonder. I found instead, that the golden fields & dense woodlands, were Her true laboratories. Heaven was merely a skylight giving Her discoveries clear visibility. As I analyzed more closely, it was apparent Her labs were to study humanity’s proper treatment of nature’s spirit from dusk till dawn.
In the shadows of night, Mother Nature intrigued my curiosity with starlit celestial movements, scents & sounds. This was done, in order to inspire my dream states of curiosity, as we slept beneath the upper floors of the firmament’s guardians & guides. Loud thunder & lightning ensued, whenever their unseen investigations rattled the skies. (I wondered), Were we treating Earth as a living entity or not?
As I grew older, while I still believed Divine Mother cloaked Herself in starry overcoats come evening, my imaginary friends and I would speculate and wonder what God’s visage might appear like in the light of day. Would it be like trying to distinguish bright beams traveling across daylight, or crystal diamonds floating inside clear water within a glass box? Was She that difficult to perceive?

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